Friday, April 14, 2017

Ceiling Fans and More Lighting Decisions....

Hello again... more design decisions today.
I went to the lighting center and wow....
There is a mind blowing amount to choose from.
I knew this, but the size of this shop was amazing.

Okay, I am taking risks this time!
I love the three blade fan shown above.
It is 60 inches across and so neat.
I have the girls vote... hope hubby likes it too.

 I will need a light kit in the bedrooms and study.
I have 9 and 10 ft ceilings so this big 52 inch should be good.
I love the clean simple style.
 On my back patio I need an outdoor fan.
I am in love with this one.... another 52 inch.

And I am really liking the bright, clear LED options.
I like this for the pantry and all the closets.
I want good lighting in the areas.
Nothing worse than not being able to see well.

Best news is... I am pretty much at budget.
I may do some upgrades to the under cabinet lighting.
But all in all... I am not too far over.
Maybe $100?
It's worth it in my book.

I love statement lighting.... hope you do too!

I shared more design choices posts this past week.
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Susan Smith said...

Hi Brooke! I've been missing you! It's so nice to see you have a new blog. And that you sold your house. It will be fun to see how you put your special touch on your new home. Happy Easter!