Thursday, April 13, 2017

Picking Out Pretty Lighting...

Hello again, and welcome back to Suddenly Southern!

Today I wanted to share a few lighting choices.... 
I love how many wonderful options we all have now a days.....
In the entire house I am doing rubbed bronze/brown metals.
So even if the pics don't show it... it will be in bronze.  

This first is a lantern style and I really like it.
I am thinking of using it over my island.
It is huge, and will make quite a statement.
I will have three pendant lights over the peninsula in the kitchen.
I love the glass and style of these simple fixtures. 

 These are for all the bathrooms.  I wanted to add a touch of modern, but yet clean and simple.
And this is the one I like for the dining room.
I am not sure I am using it for dining....

So this will be pretty and interesting.... 
even if it is used for an office or sitting room.

I have about a month or so to make up my mind.
Wow, I bet I can change my choices 20 times till then!

 Here is our finalized rendering of the new house.
I added the double columns in the front and the transient windows
in the entry and dining room.

It looks like a two story, but it is one level.
High ceilings and lots of windows.
I am especially excited about the bay windows in the study.
Go back a post to see all our color choices from the design center.

Thanks for stopping by.....


  1. Hi Brooke! So glad to see you again in my feed this morning. I like the vintage vibe of the lights you chose for the bathrooms.

  2. Dear Brooke, so many decisions. I know with the all house remodel last year, I almost went nuts---with the few things we picked out for the kitchen. Love the simplicity of your lighting, I think they will fit well with your style. Grins, and so nice to see you again, Sandi

  3. Yes very glad to see your post again. I am so very happy for you and am looking forward to see all your choices put in your new home.


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