Thursday, April 13, 2017

Picking Out Pretty Lighting...

Hello again, and welcome back to Suddenly Southern!

Today I wanted to share a few lighting choices.... 
I love how many wonderful options we all have now a days.....
In the entire house I am doing rubbed bronze/brown metals.
So even if the pics don't show it... it will be in bronze.  

This first is a lantern style and I really like it.
I am thinking of using it over my island.
It is huge, and will make quite a statement.
I will have three pendant lights over the peninsula in the kitchen.
I love the glass and style of these simple fixtures. 

 These are for all the bathrooms.  I wanted to add a touch of modern, but yet clean and simple.
And this is the one I like for the dining room.
I am not sure I am using it for dining....

So this will be pretty and interesting.... 
even if it is used for an office or sitting room.

I have about a month or so to make up my mind.
Wow, I bet I can change my choices 20 times till then!

 Here is our finalized rendering of the new house.
I added the double columns in the front and the transient windows
in the entry and dining room.

It looks like a two story, but it is one level.
High ceilings and lots of windows.
I am especially excited about the bay windows in the study.
Go back a post to see all our color choices from the design center.

Thanks for stopping by.....


Linda A. Kinsman said...

Hi Brooke! So glad to see you again in my feed this morning. I like the vintage vibe of the lights you chose for the bathrooms.

BarberryLane Designs said...

Dear Brooke, so many decisions. I know with the all house remodel last year, I almost went nuts---with the few things we picked out for the kitchen. Love the simplicity of your lighting, I think they will fit well with your style. Grins, and so nice to see you again, Sandi

Kathy said...

Yes very glad to see your post again. I am so very happy for you and am looking forward to see all your choices put in your new home.