Monday, April 10, 2017

The Finalized Choices for our New Home....

Welcome back to Suddenly Southern.
If you are new here, we are building a home South of Huntsville Alabama.
This past week we finalized our design choices and I am so excited to share them with you!
 Here is our choices all together.  
I love the soft, comfortable feel of them.  
Hopefully very welcoming.
I am so excited to see the Aspen bricks.
They look old world and aged... love!

 I wanted light and bright and very soft.
I love the Southern Style Entry Door.
 First look at my flooring, wall color and stone for the fireplace.
Will be very similar to this, but mine is a corner fireplace.
 I just fell in love with these big tiles.  For the flooring and shower walls.
 Nice neutral greige colored carpet with some textures.
And yes, I went with the dark cabinets.
They are just so pretty.
 Here you can see them with the granite and main paint color.
 For the backsplash I am using mini-subway tiles is a warm grey with some taupe in it.
 It is coming together~!
 Our home is in the mountains, so it has a few rustic touches.
 Were doing all dark fixtures and knobs....

 And a great oversized sink!
 My cabinets styles, but darker stain.
 This is my backsplash, but no circles or lip on the countertop.
 Large, oversized pulls for drawers and cabinets.
 And one of my favorites... the decorative window.
It will be finished out like this.

Pretty cool huh?
I am over the moon happy with everything.
Now... let's get going!

We are hoping to break ground very soon.
So far they have marked utilities and are waiting on permits.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for stopping by...


NanaDiana said...

Everything looks like it is coming together beautifully, Brooke. The hardest part (after all the angst of choices) is waiting!!!! I bet you are so anxious just to have it all done move in! xo Diana

Christine Graves said...

Wow, it is going to be stunning Brooke, I'm so happy for you.

Leanna - Of Faeries and Fauna said...

Congratulations! The wait will be worth it. All your choices are beautiful.

Brooke Kroeger said...

Thanks so much Diana, great to hear from you. Yes, I just want to see something happening!

Brooke Kroeger said...

Hi Christine! Yes, we are excited.

Brooke Kroeger said...

Thanks so much Leanna, it was a bit nerve wrecking making sure I would like them for the long run. We hope to live here 10-15 yrs.

Nikki G said...

Welcome to Alabama! I am near Birmingham, in Hueytown. I think that building a home would be so exciting! Although, I suspect that I would be too overwhelmed at all those choices.... haha I can't wait to see more!
:) gwingal

Jennifer Schmitz said...

Love the decorative window! Everything you picked out will look great. I can't wait to see it!

Brooke Kroeger said...

Thanks so much Nikki, I love it so far, but it will not feel like home till we have a house!

Brooke Kroeger said...

Thanks so much Jennifer. Me too! I picked out most of the lighting this week too, come back and see my last two posts. I'm ready... let's get started!

Tammi Johnson-Young said...

Everything looks so lovely. Especially love the SW Repost Gray color and decorative window. Congratulations on your new home! I'm sure it will be beautiful.

Gentle Joy said...

Beautiful choices! I love the window in the bathroom.... so lovely and elegant.

Courtney@Golden Boys and Me said...

I love the choices you made, Brooke. It must be so much fun (and a bit overwhelming) to pick out everything at once. Excited to follow along as it all comes together.

Brooke Kroeger said...

Thanks so much Courtney, I am ready to see it all come together too. I am doing lighting now and changing my mind every few days!

Brooke Kroeger said...

Thanks so much, I saw that window in the model and knew I wanted on just like it!

Brooke Kroeger said...

I saw the color online and fell in love. When my design center pulled out a large sample I was so happy with how it looked with our choices. Can't wait to see it done, especially since I will not be the on painting it! That's new for me!!

Joanie McLaughlin said...

You have made beautiful choices. I can't wait to see the finished product. The decorative bathroom window is amazing!

Michele said...

Oh, Brooke! How exciting!

I love of your glorious choices! How on earth did you two pick? What fun. I would love to do that. Your new home is going to be amazing.

congrats on your new blog. I just joined. At least I hope I did it right, didn't get the confirmation I was expecting, if not I will try again later.

Best wishes and luck to you and your family!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Seeing it all together in your new house is going to be a real treat. I'm really looking forward to it. We have been on three trips to the area around Huntsville looking for a town to call home. We loved the Owens Crossroads area, but plan to spend time on a few more trips before we narrow it down.

Donna Powell said...

How exciting! Love your finish choices, especially that window in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty