Friday, March 24, 2017

Spring In Alabama....And Big News

Hello again, I know it has been too long again.
A lot has happened since we last chatted.
Its been a little over a week since we emptied out our Indiana farmhouse.
It was exhausting and emotional.  But it is all in the bigger plan.
Part of my heart will always be in Indiana with family and friends.
But it is a welcomed, warm feeling of hopefulness that I have now.
Spring is beautiful in Huntsville.
There are blooming trees and plantings everywhere.
One of the first things I noticed is all the landscape in the area.
Not just homes, but along freeways, parking lots and businesses.
I love all the lushness and cozy hometown feel.
Plus daffodils bloomed before Valentines Day... crazy right? 
 But my favorites are the magnolias like this 'Star Magnolia' here.
Isn't she lovely?  
She's a lovely cousin of the big evergreen magnolia down here.  
I am amazed how big they get!  
I want one for the next garden but will have to be 
careful where I plant it.
I will look for a smaller variety.

 So a family update... this sweet girls Junior year at her new 
Magnet Biomedical Technology school is almost over.
I cannot believe we have been down here six months already.
She is doing fantastic and we are looking forward to visiting collages soon.
My youngest will be 15 soon and we are still homeschooling.
She is really working on her painting and photography skills.
We are looking forward to lots of DIY projects soon.

We do have some big news.... we are building again!
I will fill you all in when I have some spec photos to share.
Right now I am looking at flooring, cabinets and finishes.

I will miss my lake and garden in Indiana.
But this next home will be very special as well.
Our backyard is a creek and elementary school soccer field.
It has a 360 degree mountain view and a beautiful planned neighborhood.

You can see a virtual tour of the model home here.

This is the plan built, ours will be different colors with double columns and I opted not to have the brick landscape borders.  Its 2800 sq ft on one level.  4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath with a three car garage.

They are doing permits and hope to break ground in a month.
 So here is the future backyard and views.
 The girls with the sold sign.... new beginnings....
And sad endings....
Saying goodbye to the gardens was hard....
But a high of 24 the day we loaded the truck in Mid March.... helped a bit!

Its been beautiful this week here at the lake.
High of 85 a few days ago, almost hot.

So I hope you will stick with me along for the new build and watch us make a new home here.
Thanks so much for your friendship and love.

Friday, January 6, 2017

New Beginnings.....

Welcome new friends and followers....
well... followers to come!
This is my brand new endeavor.
My previous blog was called "Creative Country Mom"
Maybe you have heard of it?
Lol... I hope so, I hung out there for nine years.
But we are selling our farmhouse and have moved to Alabama.
New home, new start, new blog.
It just felt like it was time.

 So new home... well... sort of.
We are in a townhouse rental right now.
We are waiting for our home in Indiana to sell.
1100 square feet.... small, but working,,, most days.
We have been looking at a few homes down here.
I am so excited and ready to set new roots in Huntsville.

 But I have missed blogging.  So much.
I was going to wait till we had the new home...
for a name, or theme for the new site....
But my girls helped me come up with the new name.
"Suddenly Southern"
It fits.... some days I feel like we are still on vacation here.
Others I feel like we have been here forever.
I miss friends and family in Indiana, but love the people and weather in AL.

 So I hope to take you along with me on my little journey.
People and places of the South.
Finding a new home.
Learning my way and fitting in... somewhat....right?

 One big change is my youngest will now be a contributor!
Morgan loves to paint and we will be doing many projects in the new spaces.

We have been so inspired by Huntsville and the wonderful Vintage Stores and Shops.

 I will be doing some events as well.... back to Country Living Fair for sure in April.

 So yes, it is a little sad to move on from the farmhouse.
But we have so many good memories.
I go back and it is a big, empty house.
It feels odd.  
Its not quite home, but neither is the rental.

 But we have already had so many good times in Alabama.
We love my husbands new work schedule.
Much more family time.

 So here is to a new year, new blog, new friends and new beginnings.
Pray it all goes well for us!