Thursday, May 11, 2017

{Vintage Style} Treasures On The Sideboard

I shared a little glimpse of this last week...
But wanted to give you a closer look at the sideboard.

For years I have collected vintage postcards and photographs.
I am thrilled they have become so popular in décor again.

I don't have a lot to work with in our little rental.
But it is fun to change up this area with what little is not in a box packed away!


  1. Everything here is beautiful and I love the old photographs. You've definitely captured the vintage feeling!

  2. Thanks so much Sandra... I just looked at the pictures again and saw all the dust on the wood... yes, its a country accent! The dark wood shows every speck!

  3. You truly have found some treasures!! Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Such sweet vignettes Brooke! Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  5. Brooke, I've found you a second time! I didn't realize I haven't been receiving your posts from your new blog. I tho't I had signed up, but now I think maybe not. Anyway, I have re-signed up so I should hear from you now.

    I love your new blog and name. This post is fun with the vintage photos and the wired jars. Those are unique; I've not run into any before. Nice eye candy! I'll look forward to future posts and try to catch up with the ones I've missed!

  6. Brooke, I've found you again! I realized today that I haven't been receiving the posts from your new blog. I tho't I had signed up when I first learned of it, but guess not. Anyway, I have re-signed up! So I should be hearing from you regularly now.

    Today's post is charming and interesting with the vintage photos and the wire-covered glass pieces. I love old photographs and have a lot of them, but not displayed which I really need to remedy.

    I will look forward to receiving your future posts and work on catching up on the ones I've missed! So glad to reconnect.


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