Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Starting With A Firm Foundation

Yes, finally after all this wait....

They are starting on the house this week!

No, nothing really to show you.
Unless you like to see a porta-potty,
rebarb and concrete blocks.

But it is so great to see something happening at our lot!

So I wanted to share with you something I did at the Farmhouse.
And something I am doing this week for this home...

I am burying a Bible in the Foundation Of Our Home.

Yes, it is something I hope to do in all our homes.
With a hand written prayer inside.

It was under the front door of the Farmhouse.
And I will do the same here.

If you have already built your home,
you could do this in another way....
Like in the studs or under the flooring.

 I am overwhelmed and so excited to see the home come together.
But I am forever in focus of our many blessings.
And I know it is because many years ago I let God into my life.

I hope this might give you a place to show your love.
And you can share this simple blessing to others.



  1. We are neck in neck with the house building. I did post about the concrete blocks today, lol. Come visit and see my post!

  2. Thank you for this post. We etched Bible verses in the concrete of our basement floor and our driveway floor when we built our new home. We also wrote Bible verses on many of the door studs.

  3. Love this idea! We have had our house blessed by a priest but we've never placed a Bible and/or Bible quote anywhere like this. I love BOTH Bible verses, thank you so much for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  4. Saw all your videos of your home in Indiana. Loved the house and your gardens were outstanding. Did or have you taken you roes and irises with you? Sure hope you are getting to move your plants and flowers to Alabama. I myself am from Ala. Dothan, Al. So welcome to Alabama the beautiful.
    Hope you love your new home and I can't wait to see your new gardens.
    P. S. Do you know the name of the maples you had planted at the corner of your home in Indiana?


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