Friday, May 19, 2017

{Simple Decorating Ideas} Adding A Touch Of Burlap

Welcome back dear sweet followers...
Today's idea is easy on the pocketbook and quick to do.
But these little touches are so fun and make a big impact.

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons.
I love warm weather and the brighter colors we can add to our spaces.
So today I am taking a hum-drum little terra cotta pot and faux sedum and adding some country charm.

If you do not have a stash of burlap in your craft supply...
Go get some... a yard is like $4 and it can do so many things!

For this idea I just cut a 8 inch square and frayed the edges a bit.
Then cut a hole out of the center for the stems.

Then placed the sedum back in the pot.... and tucked in a folded 6 inch piece of lace.
Cost... almost nothing.
I had everything on hand.

 But it makes this little area a bit sweeter...
I cannot have anything big or that would be broken easily.
This is where plates and drinks gather of an evening.

So I can easily clear this off for movie time...or whatever.

I think it is little touches like this that makes a home special.

 I have been hearing burlap is "going out" in décor.

But I think in cottage style there will always be a place for everything you love.
Including my lace, burlap, birds and bunnies.

I love this time of year.
I hope you do too.

Now I got you thinking where you can add a bit of charm...
Have fun....


  1. That's a cute little project, Brooke. Easy/peasy and could be done with any type of plant, too. Yep- I'm with you. I think burlap has pretty much had its day but you will still see bits and pieces of it here and there. I am allergic to it so have never had it in my home. My daughter just took the burlap pieces out that she had in her house-said it was time.

    Hope you have a great weekend. xo Diana

  2. Hi Brooke! First, I am so happy you are back to posting - always love what you have to share. As for burlap, I think the burlap everywhere has maybe seen it's day, but I think it has earned its place as a decor standard because of the great texture it adds. I think it is here to stay in some form. Love your little planter idea! Jane

  3. The burlap and the bit of lace add such a delicate, homey touch to the little potted succulent . And, I love the bird's nest "nestled" in among the flower stems. You're right that little touches like this bring such a gracious feeling to your space.

  4. One of ladies working in fabric our Hobby Lobby (Grand Junction, CO) told me same thing about burlap about 3 yrs. ago. Think it will be a constant in some style of decorating for some time to come due to it's flexibility and cost effectiveness. There's just something about burlap. Sorry to hear you're allergic to it.
    Your arrangements are so pretty and natural looking, will need to see if I can find some faux sedum. Didn't know that's what it was called. Usually do my faux plant hunting at HL at 50% off.
    Your leather chairs are just like my hubs chair only his is gray. Love that big tall floor lamp.
    Have wonderful weekend

  5. A touch of burlap is a nice touch! '-)

  6. love your small little touches they help the home look as if it is lived in and loved


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