Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Not So Much A Dining Room....

Hello again dear friends...
Yes, it has been a bit since I posted!
Fall is a busy time with my girls and family.

Today I wanted to share my dining room.
It is right by the front door as you enter our home.
But I did not need a dining room....
So what did I do???
It's a pretty office/entry now.

 I am still using my library table as my desk.
But this is a new/used chair.
I will be painting the legs and the small cabinet soon.
Most likely a greige color.
I have started to add a bit of holiday into the house.
The plant here has some sparkle in battery lights.
I love these little lights.
The silver punchbowl is a treasure I've had for many years.
To the opposite side is my lovely antique chest.
I had it in the entry at the farmhouse with my grandma's table chandelier as well.
I have a very southern style in this room with antiques and silver pieces.
The silver tray is wonderful, I have big plans to use this when the girls get married some day.
 This is a battery Luminara candle, it looks real when it flickers.
 Birds and burlap roses, staples to my decorating...
 And glass crystals... I add them whenever I can.
 Not the best picture... the lighting in this house I am still adjusting for photos.
 I am looking for a rug for this room.
I am picky, wanting something neutral, but interesting.
And large... 8 by 10.  I will find one soon.
A peek at my desk top...
 And another little bird...
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I hope you will follow along so we can stay in touch.


Kathy Moreland said...

I love your office. Everything looks lovely. I think I'll do some candles like yours. So, so pretty!

I'm just saying: said...

very pretty. I can't help but wonder, how long does it take to dust with all those cute displays? =) That's what holds me back on having lots of tchotchkes.

Naomi said...

Brooke, it's so nice to hear from you again! I love the things you've decorated your office with. The little birds are so sweet and your grandmother's lamp---spectacular!

The burlap you use in various places is intriguing to me. I've never really tho't of using it for decor but I like it the way you've used it. Nice addition of texture.

Will look forward to your next post and seeing more of the new house!

Michele said...

What a gorgeous room and excellent use of space....and oh oh oh I so love your birdies!

Your pictures are stunning, and your home is awesome!

I am so happy for you!!

Victoria @DazzleWhileFrazzled said...

So pretty! I'm in the process of turning a typically formal living room into a more casual dining room/library so we can actually use the space. Happy that some of the "rules" of traditional home decor are being broken! Visiting from Create Bake Grow & Gather party.

Stacey said...

That's a beautiful way to use the space, Brooke. I have really been enjoying your journey.

We moved into our new house 5 months ago so I'm a little ahead of you but not much. It's definitely a process. :)

Debra Pashkowsky said...

You will get a lot of use out of this room with the way it is set up. I love all of the details you have shown us.