Monday, November 13, 2017

Christmas Fireplace 2017

 Hello again... yes... it's time!
My first Christmas post of 2017!!
 This is our first Christmas in our new home.
Last year we were living in Alabama, but in the rental.
We promised ourselves a big Christmas this year.

 Decorating the new house has been fun..
But we've only been here two months.
It's still very new, and things are settling into the spaces.
So I have been cautious about what to bring into the decor.
I don't want it too busy... a little more minimal this year.
I know, it sounds crazy to me too...
But I am trying to cut down the busyness a bit.
 So far this season I have only bought three strands of lights.
I am trying to repurpose and reuse everything I kept from Indiana.
 I had big intentions of doing all blue and cream this year...
But I did not find ribbon I liked...
and I had all the red decor...
So it will be mixed this year.
 I love red anyway for the holidays.
 The sign was a gift from a friend here in Huntsville.
It's perfect by our fireplace.
 The blue plaid pillow covers are a new addition.
I hope to find a throw and ribbon to match for next year.
It has been warm here, in the 60's.
Today its been beautiful and I have worked in the garden.
Planting bulbs and more annuals.
 But it is to turn cooler by next week.
My parents will be here for Thanksgiving.
Were planning a visit to Birmingham to UAB where my daughter will be going to college this coming fall.
Here's a peek at the porch.
I have a bunch more to share with you...
I hope you can visit again soon!

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  1. You home is looking lovely Brooke, and red is happy this time of year! <3


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