Wednesday, September 6, 2017

I Have A Garden Again-- The Landscape Is In!

Two posts in a row!
I know... it's major!!

But the landscaping was put in this week and I had to share!

It's beautiful this week in Alabama.

 Like be outside every day beautiful.
 So when I came to the house today I was thrilled to have a new garden to enjoy!
 In this garden I asked for all white blooms and lots of fragrance.
 So my plant list is....
5 Annabelle Hydrangeas
8 Evergreen "Frostfree" Gardenias
A White Crepe Myrtle
and many more evergreens.
 I am enjoying my stone border up the walkway as well.
It will keep my mulch in place.
 I decided against a formal brick edging on the gardens.
 The house still has some mud splatter spots... it need to be cleaned.
We have had so much rain here!
 The view that sold us on this lot, looking toward the back yard.
Evergreens to hide the AC unit.
 Our little backyard.
Actually it is not  that bad... but we had six acres before!
We have a fence coming soon for the pups.
 This house is really pretty from the back as well.
I can't wait to get my plants and containers out here.

We will be screening in the back porch... adding a tv and seating.
Getting ready for fall and football games.

Wish I was enjoying it tonight!
Soon... about 3 weeks, maybe more.


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Joanna at Gingham Gardens said...

It's nice that you got to pick your plants. Hang in there, it hopefully won't be much longer.