Monday, September 18, 2017

Almost To Close On The New House....

 Hello dear readers...
We will be closing on the house a week from today!
September 25th.
So I wanted to do a quick update today before things get too busy.

 The front walkway is looking so nice.
 It was a rainy overcast day yesterday when I took these pictures.
 But you can see my sod is greening up and looking nice.
 I really like the rocks along the walk.
 And my hydrangeas have several new blooms.
I am guess these are limelights, there was no tags.
 Look at all the spaces to fill with perennials!
 You can already smell the gardenias when you come in the door.
I love that!
 My door is actually about two shades lighter than this in person.
But I still love the grey paint color.
 The kitchen is mostly done, but the granite on the island.
 I love the counter space and the lighting.
 The back splash is finally grouted and looks clean and simple.
 It glows and reflects light, I love that.
 I just did a few shots for you this time... this is the dining room.
 Looking back towards great room.

 And front entry...
I have tons of calls to make about getting things hooked up.
But it's exciting... I've never been so happy to move!

So for anyone keeping track we will be two days short of being in the apartment a year!
We moved October 1st and our first night in the house will be the 29th of September.

 Hopefully pretty decor pics are coming very soon....Brooke


Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

Looking beautiful!

Linda S. said...

Your new home is beautiful. The side-load garage is one of my favorite home designs. So happy for you.

JoAnne said...

So pretty and you're going to have so much fun decorating and making it home!

Michele said...

Oh Brooke, your house is absolutely awesome. I am so happily jealous (and happy for you)- it is GORGEOUS!!!

Carol Stebner said...

Your new home looks beautiful, and you must be over-the-moon excited to move in and start putting your stamp on all the new spaces. The kitchen is beautiful, and I love the color of the dining room. Good luck with all the upcoming chaos, but it will be so very worth it!

KatBell said...

Hi Brooke,

First time on your blog. I absolutely LOVE your new house. I also chronicled the building of our new house, which you can see at I love your finishes. We were in our very tiny rental with two large dogs for a long time as well. I know you are chomping at the bit to get moved in. I know the feeling well. I will check out your blog further. Found you at Your Whims Wednesday.