Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Wall Clock, The Fireplace and Great Room....

Just a quick update today...
 My hubby got the big wall clock hung for me...
I am loving it!
I found it at Ashely Furniture when we ordered the new couch.
It should be coming any day now...
It will be going in the study, the room with the pretty windows.
 I have the wires hidden on the fireplace now.
Were not hanging the TV, it might be replaced with a larger one.
I am looking for two lanterns for each side of the TV.

But I might just leave it simple.
We'll see...
 We purchased amber colored glass for the fireplace.
It sparkles when it is lit.
Plus I wont have to dust it as often.
 I just did a few fall touches oh the hearth.
 The new rug is still a favorite.
 I have my cords hidden and tucked in so the rooba vacuum doesn't get into them.
 Luckily we added floor outlets when we built.
Love all the sun in this area, but it makes it a bit hard to photograph.
The dogs love watching the kids play at the school.
You can see the playground from our home.
That is DOG TV to my pups... they love seeing the kids outside.

Thanks so much for following along...
I will be sharing more very soon!


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