Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Finally --- The Brick Revealed!

So over the last couple weeks I've been a bit worried over our brick and how it would look.
Our new home is all brick, so this is a pretty big deal.

Because when it arrived it did not look exactly like how the sample we picked out looked.

Here is the pic I took from our phone... it was a bit concerning.
The samples online were all over the place from almost all white to tan.
So when they started to brick... I could not wait to see it up on the house.

But this is what I saw today!

I am over the moon happy with it.
 I cannot see any of the dark red that had us worried.
 Just a bit of brown hints to make it interesting.
The fill is still wet in this photo... they were just done with this side and working on the back.
This is more dry and more how it will look.
So do I have a white... grey... tan house... I still don't know... but I am so happy with it.
I will take better pics when it is all done with the white trim.


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