Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Pictures of the New House (Construction Updates #1)

After two months of getting approvals and such...
We officially began construction the middle of May on our new home.

This was the end of last week.... I shared this on FB and Instagram that they had started framing.
It was neat to see the rooms laid out.

 And here is less than a week later.

They are doing the trellises for the roof today.
 Everything is by hand and built on site.
As you can see they are building my neighbors home at the same time.
 They are the same house plan, but mine has the
bay window in the front and I added more windows.
The area with all the wood is our three car garage.
My hubby taking a peek around the back of our home.
I can't wait to go out again this weekend and see how it will look then!

I will take lots of pictures so you can see it all happening.
For More Posts About Building Our Home and Design Choices...

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  1. I know how exciting this is because we are going through the same process! Your home will be beautiful.


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